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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  January 22, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ and now you don't see me but i see you in the office ♪ ♪ i'm going around and around and around and around ♪ ♪ here comes little baby voldemorte and look at him fall down ♪ -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn tonight, and i'm don lemon. if you are tom brady, right now, there is more than what you would want than for inflategate to go away. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. >> well, that does not take out the air out of anything, does it? tonight, the scandal and what it could cost the patriots and plus the new jersey police shoot and kill a man moment ss after a traffic stop. and the whole thing is caught on dash cam, but does this video tell the whole story? and also could this rapper go to the jail just for lyrics
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of the crime he didn't commit? tiny dew tells me about the stor story. tonight, let's begin with the stories that the patriots said and didn't say about the mysterious footballs that were e deflated. joining me is donte stalwart who went to super bowl 4xlii with the patriots and pete najarian, and also you are such experts that we brought you back from last night. and start with what bill belichick told us this morning. >> obviously, i have learned a lot more about this process in the last three days than i have talked about mitt the last 40 years that i have coached in the league. i had no knowledge of the various steps involved in the game balls. i have no explanation for what
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happened. i have nothing. i don't have an explanation. i have no explanation for what happened. i don't have an explanation for what happened. i don't have an explanation for what happened. >> were they accidentally deflated? >> i have no explanation for what happened. >> and no recollection and pete, what do you think? >> i have no way to explain that whole thing the. and it is interesting the denial process there that is going on. that is what we expected and when we heard that they would have belichick on i did not expect for him to say, hey, we with were directly involved in it and so sorry about that. >> do you think that he was involved or had knowledge? >> i don't think that the head coach had knowledge, but on the other hand, somebody who spoke today might have had knowledge. >> and i believe we think that you know, and people are saying nobody that dreamy could be
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lying. >> no way. >> and dante, what it is like to be playing for belichick and the patriots? >> great. it is one of the greatest opportunities i have had to play in the nfl. and being close with those guys and ubsing what the championship football is all about, i played for some really good organizations over the course of my career but new england patriots are at the top of the list. >> what type of coach is he? >> well, you know what, he has a sense of humor, and lot of people don't get it. but he has a pretty good sense of humor, and that clich that you saw of him earlier today, that is vintage bill belichick, and he does not like to give out too much information as far as during the football games or anything pertaining to football. that is not anything out of the ordinary to the way he answered the questions today. >> and you were a patriot during spygate in 2007 and what was that whole ordeal like? >> it was interesting. i know a lot of the older players, tedy bruschi and mike
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vrabel, and tom brady and e those guys they were here and sorry, they were there in new england when they were winning all of the super bowls and so a lot of that criticism fell back on the super bowl teams, and those guys felt like they were being slighted for all of the success they had, and so it mote motivated us. this is going to be is same situation that you will be seeing there when they get down to fee mix, they are going to be super motivated to play in the game. >> and you think that the experience is go ging to be galvanizing the team more than hurt? >> well i can only speak in instance for the new england patriots. i mean, that is what they do, theyley on this type of stuff. they are always able to turn the side of disrack shuns. and you will see what they did when the aaron hernandez came up when randy moss came to the team, and there was a lot of controversy about how he would ruin quote, unquote the patriot way, and nothing. and the same thing with cory dillon and if anybody can handle i it it sis the patriots.
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>> and michael, neither belichick or brady were under oath at the press konconferences. and at the press conference later in the day, tom brady was asked if he is a cheater, and he said i don't believe. so it was not konconvincing to most people, and do you believe him or if not, why? >> well, don, at this point, the nfl has not made any statement stating that the the patriots have done anything wrong. we have seen rumors that 11 of the 12 football ss may have been underinflated and until there is a fighting of fact or fault, it is difficult to say whether the patriot s patriots did anything wrong and who on the patriots may have made the mistake. so when tom brady says he doesn't believe that he is a cheater, i'm not as critical, because i believe that he is saying that maybe somebody else on the team may have done something wrong, and perhaps guilt by association for him. so i want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and there are many saying that they don't believe him. i'm not a former quarterback so i can't speak to what it is to be in the huddle and whether or
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not a quarterback would detect that and then have a duty to report that the ball doesn't seem as heavy. to me a lot of question and it is too early to pin the blame on anybody. >> but the reputation is important to him? >> oh no question. absolutely. this is a player, don, that we know that has asked political aspirations after his patriot's career end ss. this is somebody who many expect will run for the senate one day, and you know some have said well look other players have gotten into trouble and become broadcasters like ray lewis or perhap, but tom brady has a different goal, and that so be reveered or respected, and if it is possible that he is lying, and he is caught that is to me very damaging to his reputation. >> and bram you thought that, michael said that, maybe, someone else on the team might take some responsibility but you thought that there was a chance that brady would take responsibility today. >> i did. i did. i actually thought ha he might say, i do like the balls to be a
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little less inflate and that typical full inflation standard however, i never told anybody to do it below what would be legal in play. that is what i thought that he might say today, but that would be a tacit admission of doing something wrong and i also don't believe he snuck into the equipment room with a pump and deflated the ball. >> or with a pen. >> let's listen to him, and then we can talk more bram. >> i did not alter the ball in any way, and i have a process to where i go in and pick the balls to where i want to use the footballs in the game and the equipment guys do a great job of breaking the balls in and, you know, they have the process that they go through. when i pick those footballs out, at that point, you know to me they are perfect. i don't want anybody touching the balls after that and i don't want anybody rubbing them you know putting them any air in or out, and to me, those
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balls are perfect, and that is what i expect when i show up on the field. >> hey, that is the way he wants them, but he never said. and did he say, bram i never told them to you know i like the underinflated ball ss or to underinflate the balls? >> well, that is the question that was not asked today. did you not instruct or to do something illegal here but have you told them the specifications that you like and that not necessarily the go below what sis the nfl standard to get the team in trouble but maybe someone took it the wrong way or someone maybe made a mistake and underinflated them to the point that got them in trouble. and we have to mention this, too, you are playing the colts erlarlier in the year, and the colts were aware that this could be an issue, and it became an issue later because they thought it might be. so, therefore, it would suggest that this is the type of the ball that he likes the play with and in most case ss, it is probably right on the line of being legal, and in this
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particular case, it probably wouzn't, but i won't go far enough to say that tom brady did it. i can't leap to that conclusion that he did that. >> and to the best television that you are saying is that you cannot see pete's expression when he is talking about that and go long here. >> let's do it. >> two balls are here shgs, and one is normal sized, the normal psi or legal, and one is underinflated, and i won't show you which one. >> i will catch these? >> yes, you head over there and catch them, and you are going to be catching. all right, all right. and catch them. and so all right. grab which one, you think that is and the tell me which one --? this is no doubt. under. >> after the break we will tell you which one. after the break. don't go anywhere. ut not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation that works! mmm mmm live the regular life.
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all right. back now to talk deflategate and ball-gate or ball palooza or the whatever you want to call it. so back with us our panel, and before the break, i passed pete najarian two ball and tell us which with one is deflated and he is is like cheating at cards, because we marked it. >> this one. no doubt. >> and so when you think that they asked brady, was he lying
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that he could not tell the difference? >> he knows what he likes to throw. he works with the guys, and he has a great relationship with all of the guys in the equipment staff splchlt talk about the relationship. >> and what people know, and dante knows and the quarterbacks are hanging around the locker room and when they don't have to be there, they are there and when there is a break in the meetings they hang around in the equipment staff and playing cards and having a great time and while they are there, they are talking football-relate and the equipment staff knows everything that he wanted the helmet helmett to the footballs to helmet pressure and everything. >> okay. stand by. this is brady again. >> i feel like i have always played within the rules. and i would not do anything to break the rules. i respect the league and everything that they are doing to create a competitive playing field for all of the nfl teams. >> okay.
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what! what! [ laughter ] what are you laughing at? you are i a is aing the tuck rule. >> and tom brady has been involved in a lot of things as a quarterback in the nfl. and a lot of issues have come up. and rules have been made. >> okay. so speaking of -- i want to get to troy aikman but talk about his reputation because people say that he is not as nice a guy as people like to make him out to be and he is not a nice guy. i don't know. richard sherman said that. and let's listen to richard sherman. >> people somehow get a skewed view of tom brady that he is a clean-cut and does everything right, and he does not say a bad word to anyone, and we know him to be otherwise. >> bram, is that clear? >> well, he trash talks, and that is clear. if you watch him and erlarlier he got mad at a network, because they showed him cursing on tv and he does not want to be seen cursing on tv. i don't know about the bad guy, and i don't know him well enough
7:16 pm
to even determine that. >> and dante, you should know, because you played with him, and what do you think? >> i think that brady is a man of good character and of integrity. i think that the thing that you are missing pr richard sherman that he is talking about is on the field stuff. i tell people all of the stuff he gets fired up and he is going to head buttbutt you and curse u you. and he trash talks the other players and fires you up. that is what richard sherman is going to talk about. i doubt that he talks about off of the field. anybody who has bumped up into bray dirks he is one of the nicest guys and good guy, but on the field he is a mean guy on the field. >> i want to say, though what is wrong with that? >> ain't nothing. he is a competitor, and dante is saying the same thing. >> and you should be trash talking everybody. >> yes, on the field, it is football. >> and this is what troy aikman had to say this morning. >> it is obvious to me that tom brady had something to do with this or the balls to have been
7:17 pm
deflated that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen i can assure you of that. >> okay. a quick reaction from everyone. did he know? did he know michael mccann? >> i want to wait until we hear more facts. to me i'm a lawyer and i'm cautious with pointing the guilt until all of the information is in. i understand troy aikman and that is the view of one quarterback, but many quarterbacks in the league and some of their comments are much less incriminateing of braydy. >> who was laughing? >> well, that from the lawyer sentiment, and that is funny. >> dante. >> yes. and there was a new york times' write up about eli manning, and aaron rodgers says he likes them more inflated. so i am inclined to believe him. >> and look, i'm not going up against dante there, and he can
7:18 pm
take as much time as he wants. the football player. >> and does he like them understood inflated yes. did he know that they were below the nfl standard? i don't know about that. >> that is a great answer. and underinflated, yes. >> and legally, seriously, what can happen from this if anything? >> well shgs i, i the think that nothing in the short term. i would be very surprised. some have said that the patriots should be ban predators the superr bowl. the league constitution does not al lou for that, and i would be surprised if bill belichick is suspended before the super bowl, and there wouldn't be any spon spores of the super bowl that would like it and clearly the patriots could lose draft picks or fined, and i would be surprised if the nfl takes any action until after the super bowl. >> and i have enough trouble with the producers near the back row and the people who handle the balls here.
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and when we come back, the marijuana police shoot a man in a traffic stop, and is there more to the video that et meets the eye. and a rapper who could go to jail just for his lyrics about crime. we will be right back. [ normal voice ] you're right, that was really easy. i know, i told you so. on you can compare our progressive direct rates with our competitors' rates, so shopping is easy. you don't sound like flo. [high-pitched] yeah, i do. [ clears throat ] who you talking to? [ normal voice ] what? what's on your hand? noth-- my wedding ring. [chuckles] symbol of our love and understanding. comparing rates for you. now that's progressive. [ high-pitched ] nailed it! sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong,
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welcome back. investigation under way in new jersey into the shooting death of a man by a police officer the in a traffic stop. the incident caught on video by the dash cam. we rare going to break it down to answer the questions, was the shooting justified. tom burny is a former police a academy instructor and police officer, and midwin charles, former prosecutor. and this is from the dash cam. let's watch it. >> hello. bridgeton police. we pulled you over because you went through the stop sign back there. >> where at? >> right on south pine street. hey, you got a driver's license. >> yes. >> what's up man? >> can you grab it for me?
7:24 pm
>> hey show me your [ bleep ] hands. so tom, the exchange goes from how y'all doing to show me your hand, and it escalates into 25 second, and what is this officer thinking as he is approach ing theing the vehicle? >> well, with one thing that you have to understand about the car stops that there is no such thing as a routine car stops, because that is the most dangerous thing that a police officer does. he is approaching a moving violation, and asking him to comply with the lawful orders, and he sees a gun in the glove compartment, and right off of the bat. >> and why go to the pas sensenger side, because you don't see the other police officer come -- >> well, some do car stops in different manner, and so this this particular township in new jersey this is the way they are trained for the car stops. and safer than the driver's
7:25 pm
side, so maybe trained to go on the passenger side. supposed to do it in the driver's side. >> and now, taking a look at the second individualvideo here. >> sew me your hands. don't [ bleep ] move. don't you [ bleep ]ing move. >> get nimhim out of the car, rog. we have a gun in the glove compartment. >> don't you [ bleep ]ing move. show me your hands. i am going to tell you, i am going to shoott you. you are going to be [ bleep ]ing dead dead. i am telling you. keep your hands right there. >> and he appears to take what is a gun, right, what appears to be be a gun out of the glove box, and repeatedly say ss, show me your hands, show me your hand, and still the hands are not out of the window right? and he shows you that and what is happening in the clip? >> well, i mean he see ss the gun in the glove compartment and my experience is when there is
7:26 pm
usually one gun there is many times a another gun, and the fact that you is seen one glove in the xwlov compartment is going to raise my attention tremendously, and another gun on one of those guys if not elsewhere in the car. >> and midwin i want you to listen to this because it is faint, and he says i ain't reaching for nothing, bro, and i ain't got no reason to reach for nothing. listen to it again. >> and i'm telling you, if you reach for something, i'm going to tell you, you are go ging to be bull pen are bull pening dead. does it make a difference of determining the if the shooting is justified or not, mid withwin? >> yes, you have his statement, but two, you have if in my perspective the situation where the immediate threat has been neutralized. once the police officer took the gun out of the car, and the in my opinion, yes, he went from zero to 100 quickly, but he should have exercised discernment, and perhaps, listen this threat is
7:27 pm
neutralized and i can dial it down or reassess the suchation. >> and how does he know -- >> but the point is to e reassess and when you the gun out and drawn, you rare ready to shoot. you are ready to kill. >> and you have to be prepare pord the fact that they could potentially have a gun there, but the threat is in this situation not completely satisfied until both of the guys are out of the car and in handcuffs. >> i understand that, but my point is that you have to keeps a cessing, and you can't go from zero to 100 and stay at 100 if the circumstances have changed. >> right. and is it a difference if he says i am not going to do anything and i have no reason. >> and the gun was remove predators the car. >> why would there be any reason to believe it? and as it turns out this guy was a career criminal. >> and he should not be prejudged because of that. >> absolutely. he spent 13 years in jail for that. >> and he has a civil right to not like be be shot dead. >> but the officer knew him, and the officer knew him, and called
7:28 pm
him jerr roam, and arrested him a year before and he had been convicted of shooting at officers before, and if the officer knew that, why wouldn't that be in the back of his head? >> well, i am sure it was in the back of his head. >> but if the officer knew that then what he was doing is prejudging him and that is wrong. >> and okay. that is -- >> that wrong to do. >> we will look at it and talk about it more midwin. >> i am telling you o, keep your hands right there, jerome, and if you reach for anything you are going to be [ bleep ]ing dead. >> you are not. no you are not, no you are not, don't you [ bleep ]ing move! [ gunshots ] >> what do you make of that. he forecasts to him, if you move if you don't show me the hands and if you get out of the car, i will shoot you, and you are going to be dead. he tells him exactly, and then does not do what the officer says. if the officer is saying, don't
7:29 pm
move, and he has the hands up and he is saying i'm not moving i'm not moving i am not moving, he is not complying with the officer, and he is approaching the officer, and he is not comply ging even if the han hands are up. >> you are right he is not complying, but it is if the police officer feels that he is facing an immediate threat, and if the police officer is going to unload the gun into someone -- >> he died. >> i don't know if the viewers saw this part of the clip, but when he comes out both of the hands are up. >> well, the hands are coming out from his body and they are not up like this. >> well, as he is coming up -- >> they absolute ri are. those are two hands up. >> play clip three again, the ones that are up now, and play it again, and we will look at it. >> i am telling you keep your [ bleep ]ing hands right there. and jerome you reach for something, you are going to be [ bleep ]ing dead. he is reaching.
7:30 pm
he is reach inging. show me your [ bleep ]ing hands. no you are not don't you [ bleep ]ing move. >> you know what is interesting about this whole sfar owe, and you see while the driver is complying anded the hands are out of the window and listening to everything that the officer said and he has done nothing but what he has said and this officer knows who he is, and there he is. >> and from the moment the hand s are up, and the shooting, does the officer have enough time to discern whether he is unarmed or coming at him? >> he should. that's -- >> but, i mean easy to the say it now. >> well in the ideal situation. >> but in the life or death situations, we have to can demand that of the police officers. >> well, he is not going to take that extra second. >> and this is what the law say ss
7:31 pm
in new jersey. the police officer can use reasonable action and deadly force when the officer reasonably believes that he is imminent dapger of death or serious bodily harm. >> and he had shot a police officer 13 years before. >> i say it is not justified at all. >> thank you, both. and now up next a rapper is charged with gang conspiracy. prosecutors want to put him behind bars for his lyrics. the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest...
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his name is tiny do and he is facing life behind bars. that is the stage name of brandon duncan. he is facing street gang conspiracy. they allege that the crime is in his lyrics. joining me is alexander field. ♪ in is the [ bleep ] ♪ ♪ and make it disappear like a illusion ♪ >> reporter: gangsta rap can be offensive, but is it enough to indict rapper tiny doo. prosecutors are not claiming
7:36 pm
that he shot anyone, but the smoking gun is the album cover no safety. a san diego prosecutor says that we are not talking about a cd of anything love song but one is putting the gun to your head with no safety, and that is a correlation of what the gang has been doing. charged with with nine counts of street gang conspiracy, tiny doo could face nine years to life in prison the if convicted. it is faced on a little known statute that he did willfully promote, furr ther assist and ben frit are the the criminal conduct of members of the gang. the prosecution's theory is that tie tiny doo and the gang members increased their stature and respect and fear from rival gang members as a street gang, and that would have boosted his image as a rapper as well. how much does this have to do
7:37 pm
with the cover from cd sales? >> well, there is a component that the district attorney says that you don't want to glamour glamourize the gang life or the gang activity but the problem is that you will run straight headon into the first amendment. >> reporter: that is the case that the defense will make. tiny do o's attorneys are argue hag the lyrics are no different than other controversial rappers even if they are violent. ♪ you can find me snitching on the camera phone ♪ >> reporter: he has no criminal record a on the other hand knowledge of the shootings. he is going to be back in court tomorrow. alexandra field, cnn, tomorrow. >> joining me is brandon tiny doo duncan and his attorney brandon watt kin, and back with me midwin charles to go over. this and brandon, up to now, no criminal record and you were
7:38 pm
released on bail, and you are due in court tomorrow facing serious charges that could bring life in prison, and how are you doing? >> yeah. well, i'm doing all right fou that i'm back home with my family family, and you know, my fiancee and everything, so i am all right. for now. >> for now. >> yeah. >> and so you are one of 14 men charge charged in connection with the string of nine shootings, and are you an active member of any gang or knowledge of shootings that the shootings that you are being charged with? >> no, i'm not an active member of a gang, and i know nothing about a shooting whatsoever. nothing. >> and you know, don, what happens is that the district attorney even admits that mr. duncan had no knowledge of the shootings, and let alone any involvement in the shootings. they are going on the theory that his rap lyrics encourage this type of behavior and these type of shootings ark and funny, and the funny thing is that the album was 2014 releasted and the
7:39 pm
shootings were 2013. >> put up the album and the cd, and he is a gangsta rapper and on the cd, you will see a revolver and bullets. take a listen and then we will talk about what your attorney said. >> you can get a full clip and put the bullet [ bleep ] and make the top disappear like a illusion [ bleep ] -- >> so are you denying that your lyrics encourage or promote violence of any kind? >> i don't think that they promote any, and i'm not say ging that i like to go this or that and i'm just painting a picture of, man, of urban street life. that's it. it is the studio is h my canvas and you know what i mean. painting a picture, and that is it. i am not telling anybody to go out the kill somebody or something, and i'm not doing anything different are from the gangs per se. >> and the prosecutors are saying that you somehow benefits from the criming committed by other gang members as we well as
7:40 pm
elevated the stature as a gangsta rapper and that is the issue here shgs, and do you agree with that? >> no, i don't agree with that. i get up and go to work e everyday and how am i benefiting from what anybody is doing? i am not a big -- i sflot sold a million records or if anything, and if you want to and if people want to go to the listen to album for themselves and see if it wants to make you go kill something like that and you can go check the album out at sic and find out yourself. >> that is a good pitch. you are not the first rapper to face charges due to expolice sis it is lyrics and do you feel that the rap industry may be unfairrally targeted to racially or social or economic factors? >> of course. i feel like the whole case is racial. it is 33 black men accused of
7:41 pm
doing this stuff. there's girls from the gangs, too, and why didn't they pick up any girls. it is crazy. >> and one thing that needs to be pointed out, don, the shootings are unsolved and thaey don't e mow who the shootings did them. so they are choosing the resources to take brandon duncan and the rap off of the streets and focusing on the person who use used the word gun rather than taking the person who used the gun off of the streets. >> and this is part of the law of the anti-gang initiative passed by california voters back in 2000 and is brandon's case a correct application of the law do you believe? >> no, it is not. that law was brought to the legal analyst in 2000 and they interject and said it is completely unconstitutional, and what the district association did is to take it to the prop 21
7:42 pm
to stomp out gang violence. and of course shgs, they are not for gang violence and not going to vote for it, and not knowing the ramificationings of the law, but the way they are applying it now is to prosecute brandon duncan who has no knowledge or implication in the shootings because he said the word gun and leave ing theing the person who fired the gun out on the streets. >> do you believe it is a misapplication of the law, midwin? >> yes, and the prosecutors are trying to stamp out gang violence in a community who wants it done, but this is not the best vehicle to do that because one of the theories that they is that this rapper benefited financially from the gang activity. >> the law is to prevent gang members from profit inging off of the the criminal acts. >> but where is the criminal act, because as the attorney said the prosecutors themselves do not say that he had anything the do with those shootings, and nor does he have any knowledge of the shootings so when you look at it from the conspiracy
7:43 pm
perspective, usually, generally the conspiracies require somebody who had active involvement or direct knowledge, and you don't have that here. >> and brandon, are you going to continue to rap the way that you are doing or are you going to change anything? >> i mean, freedom of speech, and i would love to continue to rap, but these people have you scared to do anything around here. so i feel like i am trying to eradicate black men and not gangs, but black men, and that is how i feel, because it is 33 black men in jail and not anybody else so it is weird. >> what is funny about that the hearings, the whole community came to support brandon duncan and the gentlemen locked up with him, and so i don't know if the community is behind this. >> and tiny d can o-- tiny doo, thank you, and midwin charles and you, sir. and now, half of the top command has been threatening to
7:44 pm
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breaking news out of the middle east, and changing of the guard for america's top ally in the e region. thousands of saudis going to mecca to mourn the death of king abdullah. president barack obama praised the king's steadfast relationship with the region. and vice president biden will attend the funeral. meanwhile, there is an effort to retake mosul from isis. and now, there is preparations to retake the area by assault by this summer. and in hours if the country of japan doesn't pay and ransome, japanese hostages will be killed. so far the japanese government has not contacted isis, and what
7:49 pm
do we know? >> the deadline is two hours from now, and the japanese government while putting the messages through intermediaries have confirmed that they have not opened up a direct line of can xhounication with isis. this story is dominating the news. a lot of the local papers here are choosing to focus less on the isis video itself and more on the lines of the two hostages and the man here who is dedicated to covering the stories of children who are victims of isis living this the war zone, and whose lives have been turned upside down and also the other man who was talk g talking about struggles of starting a new life here in the middle east. there is growing concern that these men may not have much more time lift and that is why there is a sense of urgency for the japanese government to get in touch with isis to buy them more time to find out what kind of deal can be worked out.
7:50 pm
>> will the japanese pay the ransom, will? >> that is the question that we have been asking and others will be asking and the japanese government will not answer directly. they say they won't yield odemands of the terrorists and they say that the contribution of $200 million the fight isis stands but they won't say definitively that they won't pay a ransom and $200 million is an impossible sum of money to u pull together. but there is a case that multimillion dollars have been worked out to secure the release of hostages, and we don't know if that is the case, but what if anything japan is willing to give and what is isis willing to take. the time is moving out here, don. >> thank you, will riply lyley tokyo. and joining us is security analyst bob bear a former cia
7:51 pm
operative and also our correspondent who issis in that are region juliette kayyem. >> i can't understand what the drag is. the hostage takers are perfectly capable of carrying the this out out, and showing no pity and the people of isis are psychotics at best and i fear for the lives of these two men. >> and juliette we know that the king abdullah of saudi arabia has died and vice
7:52 pm
president biden is going to be paying his respects and not at the ending the funeral, but paying his respects and what can you tell us about this? >> well, the monarchy we know that someone is chosen next. and obviously, the news around saudi arabia and the news from yemen that the government is falling is not good for saudi arabia and given the proximity and the problems of internal terrorism, and the bigger issue of the falling price of oil, and his death caused a rise in the price of oil, but the saudi kingdom is in a oil war essentially with the global market and is hurting not as much as other gulf state, but it is hurting. >> and let's talk more about the tur poil in yemen, bob. they are a key player in the region and key ally, and what does it mean for the counter terror everett in protecting the
7:53 pm
american interests in light of what is happening yemen? >> well without a government we don't have anybody to help us to target the drones. you can watch the camps from overhead but that involves sig signature strikes, and they are not effective and inaccurate usually. so without a government we don't have anybody to talk to the, and right now, i would imagine that american officials are not leaving the embassy, and drawdown of the potential e evacuation, and this is a huge setback in terms of going after al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> and should the u.s. intervene, because thet president and the prime minister and the cabinet have resign and the rebels have assumed power. should the u.s. intervene here? >> no not at all. the country is fragmenting with full terrain and we can't send troop, because it would be a full-fledged war. there is nothing to do because the country dissolved. we can't blame it on president obama or the united states or
7:54 pm
anybody else. yemen is always on the verge of kay, you and now it has finally come apart, but hun theless, we are facing serious security prob problem, and as you said, don, with saudi arabia, this is the weak underbelly of saudi arabia and cause them problems and whether they decide to invade yemen, it is a huge step, but it is not beyond the possibility. >> and juliette do you think that the u.n. should intervene here? >> well, i agree with bob on two counts. one it is a fool's errand to think of any military action nin yesmen right now, because it is barely a country before this, and unified country before this and i'd also agree that this is a big deal. we have been talking about terrorism and isis in france and the attack and in terms of the counter intelligence efforts, yemen has been an ally with the quotes around it, and it is a difficult country to deal welal with,
7:55 pm
and its demise and fracturing is harmful to the intelligence efforts and harmful to the region region, and the coincidence of what happened today in yemen and the death of king abdullah for the short term and may be porfor the long term depending if yemen can sort of unify around somebody or something. >> and the coalition, bob, fighting isis has now kill ded an estimated 6,000 fighters, and plus the head of sentcentcom is saying that it is a plan that our own barbara starr reported on in december and is this a sign that the tide is turning in our favor? >> i don't think that iraq is fragmented permanently, because it is not just isis and the anbar province that it is based, but a lot of the tribes are
7:56 pm
supporting them, because they are afraid of the government in baghdad, which is a shia government supported by iran and they are afraid that the shia are going to be be sending the death squads into the sunni area, and it is not going to be easy and like the rest of the middle east, it is coming apart. >> i have to go, and thank you, bob and juliette. we will be right back. get 4 lines with unlimited talk, text and up to 10 gigabytes of 4g lte data. and now the next big thing is here. get the hottest device for everybody in the family for $0 down. you can switch today. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go.
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i'm don lemon, thank you for watching. here is "ac360." -- captions by vitac -- p a change of powerp closest alliesclosest allies saudi arabia. kingr king abdullah hasking abdullah has died. he has been ill for some time. tonight, saudi television replaced television with koranic mes messages. this is part of a pilgrimage and how many turned up to mourn the late king.